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CLAT 2010 Top 20 Rank holders are all LSTians!

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you that the 2009-10 batch of LSTians has accomplished the unprecedented feat of securing top 20 out of top 20 ranks at the CLAT!

Our heartiest congratulations go out to:

Rank —- Name

1 ———-Pragya Vats
2———- Y. Shiva Santosh Kumar
3———- Anish Alok Mohanty
4———- Anil Sebastian Pulickel
5———- Anindita Pattanayak
6———- Vansh Sharad Gupta
7———- Shashank Reddy
8 ———- Subhro Prokas Mukherjee
9 ———- Pushan Dwivedi
10 ———Advait Nair
11———- Niyati Choudhary
12———-Ajay Patri
13———-Praggya Surana
14———-Archit Bhatnagar
15———-Divyanshu Agarwal
16———-Manasa S.
17———-Asis Panda
18———-Abhilasha Mondal
19———-Mriganki Nagpal
20———-Divy Tripathi

All credit goes to students and their mentors for their determination to settle for nothing but the best and relentless endeavor for success!

At LST, nothing makes us happier than to propel more and more of our students to the very top of the results list each year. In this regard, our students have done us exceptionally proud this year with their stellar performance at all major law entrance examinations:

CLAT – LSTians bagged Top 20/Top 20 ranks and were amongst 78 out of top 100 rank holders

NLU, Delhi entrance – LSTians bagged Top 10/Top 10 ranks and were amongst 58 out of 74 shortlisted

NLU, Orissa entrance – LSTians bagged Top 10/Top 10 ranks and were amongst 60 (and counting) out of 90 shortlisted

We wish all our students a bright and prosperous future ahead!


Team LST

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Symbiosis GD/PI tips

Congratulations to all aspirants short-listed by SLS for GD and PI!

Team LST has put together some important GD and PI pointers to help ensure your success! You may refer to them here:

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Various career options after law school education

For information on career options:

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CLAT 2010 Student reactions

More student reaction videos to CLAT 2010 will be displayed here as and when they become available. Do check back in here to find out what others have to say about the exam.

In case you would like to send in your video response, please do so at and we will be happy to host it here.

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One Last Call

Dear Students,

The day you have all be waiting for, is here. The biggest opportunity to change the way you will live for the next 5 yrs and even after. Forgiving all your misdemeanours, let me solicit a vantage which most can’t ill-afford.

Let me serve an entirely amateurish, layman’s key to clattering the CLAT, shredding the awe inspired by the CLAT to pieces. Inch by inch, Section by section rundown of the test.


This will either be a piece of cake or your biggest nightmare. Accordingly its role in your roster should vary. There’s really no study tip or special preparation that anybody can give you for math. The math involved is very basic and uses only primary concepts. Use the options; they are there for a reason. (If they really wanted to test your mathematical ability why would have they given you options)


Logic is a lot like math, but it’s easier to crack in a short time span. There are certain categories of questions in logic. Each of these categories has a certain way of going about

it. You should have enough opportunity to acquaint yourself with this section of the paper, besides all you require to crack this section is “Good Reasoning Ability” which cannot be taught, and comes naturally to you. The best thing about this section is that you can crack each question in this section without having done any similar problems prior to this test.


The only even remotely advanced area in the entire test is the vocabulary section. Grammar based questions: Most of you have done the rules of grammar in school and have devised your innovative rules and internalised them as well. You have reached that stage where you can make out if something’s wrong and with a sentence and what it is by saying it in your head. Just follow your hunch and back your instincts.


This is the joker in the pack because the format may be fixed but there’s no way to predict the type of content. The GK section’s a lot easier now without the short notes, so make the most of that.  Also you’ll realise that a lot of what you have read during those history & civics classes in school, has actually stuck to the dark walls of your membrane. A lot of questions will seem familiar and even if you don’t remember the answer, one look at the options will make a lot of things clear to you. You’ll realise that your intuition will bail you out more often than not and a lot questions will just click on the spot.

Legal Knowledge
This constitutes a vital section of the paper. The questions also cover a vast scope. Pay more attention to the Constitution of India, and the events happening around you.

1. Important areas for the Constitution:




2. Current affairs dealing with law:

In the domestic sector,

Concentrate on all the happenings in the field of terrorism and the new laws to tackle it. Closely follow the legal issues associated with the Judges appointment, RTI, Bills, Telangana, Scams, etc.

One good way would be to look at all the commissions and committees set up, and the latest status regarding their functioning.

International sector:

Wars and human rights, and environment- these are the crucial topics.

The measures taken to curb international terrorism are also important. And I see no surprises.

Legal Reasoning

Go through the 5 rules again and keep applying them as and when required. After the Delhi and SET papers, you must have realised the importance of these rules and the questions/ exercises tested/ provided in your Modules. Go through them once again. If have already got the past year’s papers, then make use of them and plan your strategy for the exam day.
In the end, you’re the hero of this story and its end is in your hands. You could be lucky and have trouble in only one or two of these five areas or be dyslexic in all five. It may or may not pay off, but hard work’s the only way out. We often give up when the destination is closer than we may have imagined. Don’t give up just yet, you have dreamt and fantasised about NLSIU and strawberry field, this is the time where you stick to the fight. Give it all that you have and back yourself. Everything that is available to everyone is also available to you. Potentiality of one is potentiality of all. I’ll leave you with this quote from Balzac: “None is superior than what you can become”

There is no negative marking. YOU MUST ATTEMPT EVERY QUESTION.

Here’s wishing you all the very best. Best of luck from everyone at LST!

All the Best

The LST Team

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Interview with CLAT 2009 topper

Interview with CLAT 2009 topper, Nidhi Modani from LST. Exerpts and link below:

Nidhi Modani topped the Common Law Admission Test in 2009. Here she shares her success mantras with Nitin Jindal.

Nidhi is currently pursuing her first year of LLB at the National Law School, Bangalore, which she considers to be the “best institute”. Nidhi was a commerce student at Apeejay School, Noida, where debating was a regular pursuit and,arguing, much to the despair of her teachers, was a passion!

Any preparation before your Class 12 board exam?
Yes, I gave the entire series of mock exams from LST. My performance wasn’t too great. But I wasn’t too worried because I knew I hadn’t really prepared myself at that time. So it was just about giving the exam and knowing what kind of questions to expect and how to prepare for them and developing an understanding of what you really had to do.

Anything you did earlier that helped you during your preparation?
The fact that during Class 12, I gave myself the entire year to understand what exactly to study. So, by the end of the academic year, I was very clear about which books to refer to, what not to study, etc. It really helps if you have a clear idea of what exactly you have to do in those two months. I wasn’t at all confused as to what to do. For instance, I referred to the LST material, Competition Success Review and the Universal Guide, which helped me and also read the newspapers regularly which helped a lot. I think any newspaper would help you as long as you really read it properly and daily…

Source:  Rediff

(click to read more)

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CLAT Admission Notification

Issue of applications forms from: 11th January , 2010 (Monday)

Last date for submission: 02nd April, 2010 (Friday)

Date of admission test for UG/PG:  09th May, 2010 (Sunday)

Time :  10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.

Publication of result: 29th May, 2010 (Saturday)

Last date of acceptance and confirmation of admission by depositing money in SBI specified branches ( to be notified later) : 15th June, 2010 (Tuesday)

Completion of admission process : 28th June, 2010 (Monday)

Commencement of classes: 01st July, 2010 (Thursday)

Source: CLAT Admission Notification PDF

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Indra Prastha University Admission Notification

Please note the following details regarding B.A (LLB) / BBA (LLB) the Guru Gobind Singh Indra Prastha University.

Date of CET: 29 May, 2010 (Saturday)
Time of CET: 2.00 – 4.30 PM
Date: 3 June, 2010 (Thursday)

Source: Indra Prashta University website

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Wow! What a Journey!

Wow! What a Journey!

LST is 10 years old today! What a journey- of learning, of struggles, of success, and JOY! In helping law-school aspirants realise their dreams. LST not only prepares law school-ites as a factory- rather, it imparts life skills, in transforming people, in enabling them to achieve something big. It is a wonderful challenge to work with the youth- the hungry –for-knowledge, with starry-eyed and very passionate to change the world.

Damn good! I had an opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country, interact with thousands of students, parents and school authorities. At the end of the day it boils down to reforming the perception and outlook towards law school education. Change is constant; LST founders have passed on the baton but they are always there to mentor and guide whenever required. They are our biggest critiques, as well as our greatest well-wishers.

My stint with LST started from 2004, interview with founder Sachin Malhan (teacher, mentor, friend) and since then it has been a great journey, the opportunity and learning in motivating and grooming these kids. How can i forget my legal awareness campaign from Bangalore to Shillong!

I remember an email from a Hyderabad student- unfortunately not able to get into a top law school, but elated to share the LST EXPERIENCE . Another from MP – not successful in the first attempt, was totally crestfallen, but with regular but wishes on every day- now a gr8 performer. list can go on..i cherish mentoring LST family members – my existing team with saurav n karn r stalwarts, helping me in achieving collective goals. continue to believe in LST with your support, we will scale new heights.

LST Team – Senthil Kumar


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Founder’s Message: It’s Ten Years to The Day

It’s ten years to the day that LST was founded over a table-top at Case Picola’s in Bangalore. What a decade! Some serious water has flown under the bridge. Guys in the boy’s hostel of NLS went from wearing banyans and lungis to Kobe Bryant jerseys. Despite attempting to shamelessly appropriate the moniker ‘Law School’ to itself the National Law School in Bangalore is now just one of several national law universities. Entire batches have graduated from these new national law schools that didn’t even exist in 1999. Students from LST’s first few batches, the first one being in 2001, are now seasoned lawyers- in courts and law firms across the world. The overnight express train became Air Deccan, which then became Kingfisher Red. Other minor matters – the World Trade Centre came down in 2001, Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded, and I have a grey hair.

When LST got in touch with me to write on the occasion of its ten-year anniversary, I initially resisted the idea. I am wary of nostalgia. How does one sum up ten years without making a complete hash of it? Well, one can’t. So instead I’ll share a few thoughts on the students who have been through the corridors of LST, and legal education itself.

LST gave me an opportunity to interact with an incredible bunch of youngsters between 2003 and 2006. My interactions with that lot, and I still remember a whole lot of them, were memorable.

I saw in this bunch the several different threads of youth – the pressure of ‘being someone’ and having an ‘identity’, raw idealism, early cynicism, and so much energy. I remember the idealism – sitting with a young Woodstock alum at the café in front of IIT Delhi, and having him share, rather sheepishly, his desire to be a political leader. I was proud of him. Where are you? Do write in.

Then there was this boy from Gaya, the name escapes me, who told me in chaste Hindi that he wanted to study at NLS Bangalore but had been educated in Hindi all his life. I gave him a few pointers and some well-meaning advice but, personally, I didn’t rate his chances too highly. He proved me, and all other naysayers, wrong. I remember the joy on his face when he came to meet me with the news of his results. The look of someone for whom the world is suddenly a very different place – like climbing a mountain and seeing the lay of a strange and exciting land which you knew existed but didn’t believe you’d see.

I could go on, and on. Some days I look back at those days, those conversations and wonder if there is anything greater than the spirit of youth. To me law school is special because it can tap this spirit in ways that few other streams of education can. It can take this spirit and help it realize itself. So when you get there be prepared to absorb like a sponge – in the classrooms, in the hostels and on the sports fields.

A few months back I received a call from a daughter of a family friend. She struck me as being unusually forlorn. Her complaint was that she felt that she wasn’t ‘good enough’ and that world was full of such ‘talented and capable people’. How would she make a mark? My response was simply this – and I share it because I know that a lot of young people think like this. At 17 you are NOT a finished product. You have a long long way to go. If there is anyone who should be whining, a bit, it’s us thirty year olds. And even we have cause to believe. You have a lifetime of self-development and learning to go. Cut yourself some slack.

I recently met for lunch an LST alum (2004) who went to a better ranked law school and graduated this year. She told me that she’d had a disappointing experience at her law school. That she deserved better – and I believed her. Some of the ‘better’ national law universities have not delivered on their expectations. The students deserved better than some half-qualified first-time teacher cutting his teeth, for way to long I might add, on a batch of talented youngsters eager to absorb, question and debate. I felt responsible for her disappointment and believe that the leadership of those law schools needs to take responsibility too. There are few things worse than the unfulfilled potential of young talent – and students have every right to protest if what they are being served in the classrooms is rubbish. Students need to recognize this right – if not at a law school, then where?

But there is a positive note for every disappointment – and I have met so many, sometimes on the streets, that have savoured their experiences, and the joy is writ large on their faces. They have risen above their circumstances, benefited from their interactions with other smart youngsters and select good faculty, and literally taken the law into their own hands.

It is the law schools from where the intelligentsia has to arise and bring sanity to a stage dominated by ranting news anchors, moral police and other shallow-thinking notables. More people into the civil services, research, academics, and creative career options, on the periphery of, and even outside the law. That’s what we need.

Finally, to all of you who want to study law here’s the great summing up – always bet on the side of crazy idealism. But crazy idealism will take effort and you should know that. The journey though will be so fantastic that it won’t feel like an effort. The wall between ‘work’ and ‘life’ will slowly dissolve and when people ask about the ‘work-life balance’ you will smile to yourself.

There is a 17 year old girl, Melanie Oudin (pronounced ‘Oo-dan’) who has made it to the quarter-finals of the US Open against all odds. On her ridiculously coloured sneakers she had scrawled with a marker the following word:


Sachin Malhan

Founder – LST

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