Posted by: Kunal | January 25, 2008

Admission Process

Until 2007 law schools conducted separate entrance examinations as a part of their admissions processes. The impact of this was that in 2007 students gave more than 15 exams in the May and early June. The only relief was that the papers were largely similar since the areas being tested were the same.

2008 will significantly different from the previous years where the admission process is concerned. Judicial directions and consensus amongst the law schools has led to the creation of a Common Law Admission Test for the 7 national law universities. The effect: 11th May 2008 will witness the first CLAT for national law universities.

The significant change from previous year law entrances is that CLAT will be an entirely objective type test. It’s difficult to say anything about the structure and the pattern of CLAT at this stage, but one thing’s for sure that the nature, or the feel of the test won’t be too different from previous year NLS papers. Needless to say that the Descriptive writing section will be conspicuous by its absence.

It is for this reason that we at LST have decided to launch a completely one of it’s kind platform, answering all your queries on CLAT, from the projected pattern, to the expected format. Tips and advices on ‘how to prepare’, “strategies and various approaches” and key areas for CLAT. From any change in structure, to the latest buzz on the campus about CLAT. In the coming few days you will get not just a Model test paper but also a Plan of Action for the next 100 days on how to go about your preparation. We will give our point of view on what the CLAT can look like, and will bring you reports straight from the horse’s mouth. (Directors and VC of NLUs).

The official website goes live on the 25th, and it’s only then that we shall have more clarity on the date of release of forms, last date to send them and the entire admission procedure.
So watch out for this space for Lock Stock & Barrel on CLAT.



  1. Hello,
    Quite a huge relief for me to read the various posts regarding the clat. I was freaking out since morning typing and not getting any response. Had a few dark areas on the topic myself and was wondering if some light could be thrown upon them.

    -> After giving the CLAT, is our score automatically posted to the 7 Law Colleges of India University, or do we have to independentally apply to all colleges with their application forms?

    -> From where is it possible to purchase the CLAT registration forms?

  2. cool dude first let us fight the battle . its a 3 to 5 chakhde phatte.

  3. very tensed about it.
    do or die condition. but really wanna know the question pattern. the competetion has become really big.

  4. getting iformation about admission 2010 in law sclool
    how we can get admission form of nlu national law school and what is last date of forms

  5. DOUBT???????
    plz give me information abt national law school’s admission process.
    and whether they will give us choices for colleges or not.

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