Posted by: Kunal | January 25, 2008

Catch-22: Law V/s Boards

Balancing out entrance preparation with Board preparation

Many LSTians or more precisely law aspirants are at their wits ends when it comes to deciding on – how to go about balancing out entrance preparation and Board preparation? What to give more importance to?

Now there are four types of law aspirants – those who have excelled with flying colours in both Board exams and entrance exams (there have been students having more than a 95% best four Board aggregate and getting into NLSIU), those who have done reasonably well in both (getting into a not so great law school and getting, say, a 70% Board aggregate), those who have done very well in law entrance and not performed well in Boards (gotten into NLSIU, being a 50%er in Class XII Boards) and those who have performed very well in Boards, but not cracked the entrance exam of a single good law college.

With respect to this, it may be worth mentioning what the relevance of entrance exams and Board exams is equal. Please don’t get misled by the media hype given to Boards (somehow, only medical, engineering and management entrances get as much media hype as Boards, but not law or other entrances). Also, please don’t use Board preparation and entrance preparation as excuses for doing well in neither – students often fool even themselves by doing so. Among the law schools, Indian Law School (ILS), Pune and Government Law College (GLC), Mumbai are the only highly reputed law schools admitting students on the basis of Board performance. Even in ILS, there is domicile reservation for the students of Maharashtra.

Focusing on ILS and GLC, if you are keen to do law from a good college, and if you work very hard to get into these colleges, devoting time to Board preparation, which means neglecting entrance preparation, but the million dollar question is: In case you don’t get admission in either of the two, where will you be? In any case, your dream law school may not be ILS or GLC (with due respect to these colleges, which have produced many great legends).

However, this does not mean that your Board marks are absolutely irrelevant. In case you don’t crack the entrance of any good five-year law college, you can join a good non-professional college, on the basis of your Board marks, and perhaps try for a the entrance of a good three-year college thereafter (in this connection, please note that the Campus Law Centre of Delhi University is the only three-year college comparable with the good five-year colleges, and is not easy to get into, and non-professional courses are generally not comparable with law – in any case, you are a law aspirant!). This apart, good Board marks can enable you to pursue your legal studies in a good college in the UK. In any case, a decent Board percentage may help you avoid the sardonic remarks and never ending questions of your pesky aunt, and besides your Board percentage will also always be a part of your CV (though your college occupies more weight in this regard). Also, at least 50% in your Boards is a pre-requisite to admission in all good law schools, failing which you don’t get admission, even on clearing the entrance exam (there actually have been cases of students clearing the NLSIU entrance but not getting admission due to not satisfying the condition of getting at least a 50% Board aggregate!).

On the other hand, most law schools admit students on the basis of entrance exams, though the element of luck largely comes in, keeping in view the infinite syllabus, that on the other hand makes them a far better indicator of aptitude and general awareness, making them a better mode of selection. The element of luck comes into play with respect to the Board exams as well, keeping in view the subjectivity in checking.

Coming back to the point, we recommend that if you are serious about getting into a good law school (and if you are not, then note that you are sadly mistaken in thinking that law from a good college can be a backup plan – the entrance is highly competitive), we recommend that you try your best to do as well as you can in your Boards, but not at the cost of your entrance preparation (which should be your top priority, but definitely do get at least a 50% Board aggregate!). You must at least prepare for your entrances as we state much to be absolutely necessary. A study of all your Modules, material posted on the website, Pearson General Knowledge Manual, Competition Success Review monthly magazines, Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis and A Word A Day e-mail subscriptions (for subscribing, log on to – very useful for vocab), besides Pearson’s Guide (you may keep this for after your Boards), is a must. You must devote at least 2-3 hours to your entrance preparation daily (obviously much more after your Boards – for you, that should be no time for merry-making!), which should include GK and legal aptitude but also maths, logical reasoning and vocab (they may seem easy but in a competitive exam, every mark counts). A month before and during your school terminal/Board exams, you may discontinue proper entrance preparation, but you can keep doing GK by perusing through your GK supplements every now & then, and as far as vocabulary goes, at least check your e-mails daily for the A Word A Day subscriptions.

At LST, we do not prepare for Board exams, but keeping in mind the fact that it’s the criterion for admission in ILS and GLC, our advise would be to treat the prescribed textbook as your Bible, and reference books only as a support system. Also, your overall presentation, including your handwriting, is of importance in Boards.

All the very best for both entrance exams and Board exams. And, of course, remember, LST is always there for you!



  1. mother of all delima and slute tolst to strike coird.but confusing solution . pls reply in clear cut way what to do.

  2. explain in a little more detail as to what is to be done,so that we dont end up in a mess.

  3. i haven’t started preparing 4 CLAT yet.
    my board exams will get over by 17th of march.
    i have thought of preparing 4 CLAT starting 4m 17th till 10th of may.
    if i put in a labour of abt 12 hours a day….will this short span of time be enough 4 me to do well in the entrance??? is there ne hope??? will i be able 2 do well???

  4. i am going through g.k. only at this stage as my board exam is near&concentrating on my board exam only as i have studied the legal part&english along with maths whole year.but unfortunately didn’t touch the books prescribed for boards.that’s why i have devoted my entire time for boards till 29th of march.suggest me what to do at this stage.

  5. hi…i’m in gnlu… my name is karmanye thadani… i had actually assisted kunal sir in writing this article… if u have ur boards rite on ur heads, which u do, don’t bother about the clat, except as mentioned above, subscribe to the online A Word A Day subscriptions and follow it up diligently… shouldn’t be a problem if u have been preparing reasonably well 4m be4… if u haven’t, u can still try ur best after ur boards… and do universal’s guide (the above-mentioned ‘pearson’s guide’ is a typing error… it’s universal’s guide, though pearson gk manual is not a typing error)… and as stated above, english, maths and logical reasoning r as imp. as gk or legal aptitude… in a competitive exam, every mark counts… if any 1 wants cany clarifications, i’d love to help… my e-mail id is and phone no. is 09924600522/09810234328…

  6. does our board percentage affects our admissions in the law schools or it is just the entrance exam results?

  7. hi iam saket
    i have cleared my 11th class examination and i want to pursue for CLAT .
    Can you tell me the wheitage of maths in paper and also do please tell me about how to study maths for the latter.

    thank you

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  9. please tell the names of books one shud refer for CLAT preparation. i am in 11th but i want to start from please!

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  11. I’m in class 12 right now. My summer vacations are on and I’m planning to start my Law prep now. I want to know whether:
    1. It’s alright if I start now and if I’ll manage.(I’m just looking for reassurance)
    2. I take the LST correspondence course rather than the classroom course because frankly I study better alone and besides I’m in Science and have too many tuitions. I would prefer more self study time.
    3. There are other books that I can use for reference besides the study material provided.Someone suggested the SAT word lists.
    4. What minimum rank would one need to get into NLS?
    I would be very grateful if someone would please answer my queries. Thanks…..

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