Posted by: Kunal | January 30, 2008

CLAT Pattern II

This is a Sequel to my post CLAT Pattern. You want to know, who all are in it.

Starring YOU as the main lead, NLSIU as the scriptwriter. The music score is done by the Violinist in the heaven, there are no villians (or vamps). Someone said what is LST doing. We are the Assistant Director. The director is up above looking over,( mind you I didn’t say overlooking…) so what are you waiting for. What did you say… Oh I forgot.

Lights. Camera rolling. ACTION

It’s official now.

All Questions are objective type questions, with the following break up of marks:

1. English – 40 marks

2. General Knowledge – 50 marks

3. Mathematics – 20 marks

4. Legal Aptitude – 40 marks

5. Logical Reasoning – 50 marks.

Let’s get ready to hunt the CLAT (and skin it too)



  1. will the NLUs also be dropping any hints on what kind of paper they’ll set, i.e, the level of difficulty as compared to previous years’ papers?

  2. what about total number of questions ???

  3. though the pattern is quite clear with sectionwise division of marks, we are still in the dark as regards the marks distribution in the crucial and time consuming sections like legal aptitude and critical reasoning. if each question carries 1 mark, we should start worrying.

  4. wat abt negative marking?? is it there or not???
    and each question would carry how much marks??

    Kunal: No negative marking. We expect differential marking in the test, which means that there will be a mix of 1/2 mark, 1 mark and 2 marks questions.

  5. no negative marking…thatz for sure.

  6. guys according to the nalsar website THERE WILL BE 200 QUESTIONS IN ALL

  7. kunal sir,
    recently there was a scroll in NDTV 24×7 that all top nls are going to implement 30% reservations for can you tell us how many seats will be available for open category in all.

  8. can anybody tell me about the course nd wat books 2 be prefer

  9. dont worry about the 30% reservation for women, guys.
    (this is goin to be kinda sad for girls to hear, but…) the reservation is horizontal, ie, atleast 30% of general category seats should be occupied by women, but they anyways get about 50% of the seats on merit, so this reservation doesn’t make the least bit of difference.

  10. Please provide me the links of wesite from where i can get the CLAT OLD EXAM PAPERS

  11. plz tell me for logical reasoning wat type of book shud i prefer or wat type of questions wud be in logical nd leagal aptitude

  12. sir, can u guide me wt books to follow to prepare fr clat ent

  13. hello kunal sir. this is anjali frm maharashtra. i m currently doing 3 yrs l.l.b. course frm ils law college pune. i m aspire to give clat to complete my llm frm national law achool. so is ther any need to join crash course or i can carried it out individually?
    plz give me ur answer
    thank u!

  14. how shoud I improve my maths? please sugest me for a book.

  15. please tell me where to get previous years clat papers from asap

  16. can nebdy send me d link 2 previous year’s question papers…

  17. Please provide me the links of wesite from where i can get the CLAT OLD EXAM PAPERS

  18. i need a solved paper..
    plz help

  19. what books should we refer,How long does it require to prepare for CLAT and what are the subjects to be concentrated

  20. hi sir
    i did my LL.B n i would like to LL.M from nls or nalsar, i am preparing for clat-2009, how can i get the previous paper evn model papers, can suggest the book which will help in clat


  21. Hi everyone,
    I found this really cool informative article on last minute preparation for the CLAT. Go through it. It helps.
    Here is the link:

    All the best!

  22. what should be the exact rank in CLAT to get to National law school Bangalore?

  23. Come First in the merit,

  24. somewhere between 1 to 70…cos that’s the no. of seats for general category!!

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