Posted by: Kunal | January 30, 2008

CLAT Pattern?

 As the saying goes slow and steady wins the race. Unlike notifications & admission news, this (Academic Inputs such as pattern etc) is not a game of who delivers the first blow, but who hits the nail, gets closest to the target. So unlike some other people we aren’t rushing up to tell you what the pattern will be. this being the first CLAT ever, we expect the lawschools to make some noise on the pattern, if not lay down the format then atleast drop in a few hints.
Our academic team is already working intensively on chalking out format for CLAT, a predicted pattern to the best of our judgement. Just like life there are no gurantees, (this isn’t about buying a pressure cooker). Very soon you will hear from us on this, not that we are using it as an excuse to twiddle thumbs. We just want to be sure and don’t want to take any chances. When it comes to giving you information especially when they are academic in nature, I’d rather be the guy coming second in the race, than give you an incorrect one. I don’t want to be part of a rat race, the problem with them is that even if you win, you are still a RAT
If you want I can give you my interpretation

English: Around 45-50 questions for 40 marks in all

Maths: 10-12 questions for 20-25 marks

GK: 40 marks (questions can either be 1 mark each around 50 or 1/2 marks each around 70  or a mix and match of both) (GK will have a bit of Constitutional GK leaning towards the Legal side)

Logical Reasoning: 40- 50 marks, with 18-20 CR questions for 2 marks and 10 AR questions for 1 mark each.

Legal Aptitude: 40-50 marks Legal Reasoning- 12-15 questions for 25-30 marks. 15-20 marks for will be Legal Knowledge.

The above is just a projection, (my personal projection, not even LST’s collective stand, we have our difference of opinion, and in the coming few days, I shall present the other opinion too. There isn’t a conflict, but we feel as a student who have the right to know both faces of the coin, and the true picture, which includes all possible and realistic permutation & combinations



  1. sir, is there any possibility that like nujs all questions in CLATwill carry 1 mark each. In that case time becomes a crucial factor because legal aptitude and other CR questions are really not worth just 1 mark after so much thinking and assumptions.

  2. people mail your queries at…may be they will be incorporated in the faq section

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