Posted by: Kunal | January 31, 2008

GK Dose 2

Dose II on your way. Answers to last quiz will be in your mailbox shortly. The prize winners will be intimated. Also one last thing, make sure you specify your city and whether you are an LSTian or not.  Everything else remains the same. You know where to send your entries:

Remember the answers will not be put on the open forum, but will be sent all LSTians (to MyLST) and only those Non-LSTian who have registered for our Newsletter.

To register Click Here (Mind you it’s free of cost and barely takes a minute)

1. Which is the highest mountain peak in India?
2. Which is the river that rises in Tibet, flows through Ladakh and then goes into Pakistan?
3. Which glacier gives rise to the Ganga River?
4. Name this major river that has tributaries like the rivers Chambal, Betwa and Ken?
5. Name the river that has the River Hoogly as one of her largest tributaries.
6. Which is the river that rises in the Tibet and flows into Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Bangla Desh?
7. Name the river that has Tista, Subansiri and Manas as its tributaries.
8. Which is the largest salt lake in India where salt has been farmed for a thousand years and which is a key wintering area for tens of thousands of flamingos and other birds that migrate from northern Asia?
9. Where would you find the Ten Degree Channel in Indian territory?
10. Which is the southern most point in the Indian Union?
11. Which river in Bangla Desh is known as the Jamuna?
12. Which is the river known as Padma in Bangla Desh?
13. Name the region that borders India but lies in Southern Nepal, which is flat marshy, fertile, densely forested and enjoys a tropical climate?
14. Which is the world’s longest river?
15. Which is Asia’s largest and the world’s deepest river?



  1. if anyone have sample papers plzz send me on the

  2. GOOD QUIZ!!!

  3. awesome i am shocked i did not know about this site

  4. gud qusnn
    some r not known to me

  5. hey ppl!! pls suggest how to prepare for clat……….sum bks or sample papers…

  6. hey!!i registered late…can i get the ans to the g.k. dose 1

  7. O wjat a site its good some one has thought for us .
    can we have some course online . what about nls delhi

  8. hey
    can anyone tell me where to get last years qn papers..and a vague idea about the syllabus????

  9. it’s awesome i did not know about this site. it would be a great help for the law aspirants.

  10. My son is now in class Xi (Humanities). He will appear for CLAT in 2011. Please guide me whether he will go for coaching now or after passing class-Xi. Please suggest some reputed coaching centre at South Kolkata for this purpose.

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