Posted by: Kunal | February 4, 2008

Vocabulary Tips for the week!

An approach to Vocabulary:
Understand the root of the word.
Try to deduce the meaning of the word using its roots.
Maintain a root list. It helps in identifying the words easily and quickly.

For Example: Look at the three words given below:

Is there something common in the given words?
Mis – anthrope
Miso – gamist
Miso – gynist

All the words are based on the same greek root – ‘Misien’. ‘Misanthrope’ is formed by combining the greek root ‘misien’ and ‘anthropos’.

So, misanthrope = misien + anthrope

(to hate) (mankind)

misogamist = misien + gamos

(to hate) (marriage)

Can you deduce the meaning of ‘misogynist’?

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  1. hi kunal….you said 50 marks of gk…..does that mean that they will carry 1 mark each???

  2. well misogynist is a very interesting word.not my fav means to hate women!!!!!!

  3. misogynist: means a person who hates women.

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