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Nobel Prize Trivia


The 2007 award winners for various fields were

Peace – Albert Arnold (Al) Gore (USA) and Inter-Governmental Panel on Climatic Change (IPCC- Geneva) “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change”.

Economics – Leonid Hurwicz (born in Moscow but nationality is that of US), Eric S Maskin, Roger B Myerson (all three from USA) “for laying foundations on mechanism design theory”.

Physics – Albert Fert (France) and Peter Grunberg (Germany) for discovery of Giant Magnetoresistance.

Medicine – Mario R. Capecchi (USA), Sir Martin J. Evans (UK), Oliver Smithies (USA), “for their discoveries of principles for introducing specific gene modifications in mice by the use of embryonic stem cells”

Chemistry – Gerhard Ertl (Germany) “for studies of chemical processes on solid surfaces.”

Literature – Doris Lessing (UK), 11th woman in this category and the oldest.

Hey a small quiz I found in the noble price website

1. 1st Noble awarded in 1901

2. The Curries awarded the most number of Noble prices.

Marie and Pierre Curie for Physics in 1903

Marie Curie again in 1911 for Chemistry

Their daughter Irene Joliot Curie for Chemistry in 1935

3. Institution that “selects” the Noble Laureates every year – The Nobel Prize Awarding Institution

4. Awarded every year on 10th December – the day Alfred Noble died.

5. All the Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm except Peace Price which is awarded at Oslo (Norway) because Alfred Noble’s will state that.

6. Organization has been awarded a Nobel Prize three times – International Committee of the Red Cross- ICRC (also the founder of the ICRC, Henry Dunant, was awarded the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901.)

7. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1953 for Literature.

8. Only 34 women have been awarded Noble Price. 1st being Marie Currie and the latest Doris Lessings.

Other important information on Noble Price

797 awards so far, which includes 20 organizations (1st institution being Institute of International Law (1904))

The youngest Laureate is Lawrence Bragg, who was just 25 years old when he received the Nobel Prize in Physics with his father in 1915.

The oldest Laureate to date is Leonid Hurwicz, 2007 Economics Laureate, who is 90 years old.

Two persons declined the award so far

Jean-Paul Sartre, awarded the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature, declined the prize because he had consistently declined all official honours.

Le Duc Tho, awarded the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize jointly with US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. They were awarded the Prize for negotiating the Vietnam peace accord. Le Doc Tho said that he was not in a position to accept the Prize, citing the situation in Vietnam as his reason.

Four Laureates forced to decline the Award

Adolf Hitler forbade three German Nobel Laureates, Richard Kuhn, Adolf Butenandt and Gerhard Domagk, from accepting the Nobel Prize. All of them could later receive the Nobel Prize Diploma and Medal, but not the prize amount.

Boris Pasternak, the 1958 Nobel Laureate in Literature, initially accepted the Prize but was later coerced by the authorities of the Soviet Union, his native country, to decline the Prize.



(SOURCE –, visit for further reference)



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