Posted by: Kunal | February 14, 2008

Current Affairs

List of important political events in 2007
Mandate 2007:
Elections to general Assemblies took place in as many as 7 states. Key states being Uttar Pradesh & Gujarat.Other states include Punjab,Manipur,Goa,uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.
Mayawati led BSP came back to power with a clear majority.
Narendra Modi led BJP successfully retained their power.This BJPs 4 th consecutive win in Gujarat.
Return Prakash S Badal was seen in Punjab.
BJPs Prem Kumar Dhumal became the CM of Himachal Pradesh and B C Khanduri became CM of Uttarakhand.
Race to the Raisina Hills:
Prathiba Devisingh Patil assumed office as 13 th and 1 st women president of Republic Of India.
She is the successor of Peoples President A P J Abdul Kalam.
prathiba patil backed by UPA-Left won against her opponent Former Vice-President of India B S Shekhawat by 306,810 votes.
States scheduled for polls in 2008 are Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, NCT Region etc.,
Hamid Ansari became Vice-President of india.

This piece was contributed by Vinod.



  1. Isn’t Pratibha Patil the 12th President of India?

  2. yes she is….its probably a mistake in the article

  3. hey can anybody tel me wat is the meaning of “SEZ”?

  4. SEZ= special economic zones.

  5. Well the meani of SEZ is Special Economic Zone

  6. yeah SEZ stands 4 special economic zones

  7. the full form of SEZ is Special Econonmic Zone. the govt. follows liberal economic policies for the welfare of these zones. for eg. the govt. has announced an exemption from tax for all the industries in himachal pradesh for a period of five years from their commencement. so these industries come under SEZ’s.

  8. SEZ stands for Special Economic Zone.You probably should subscribe to a good newspaper but now it’s too late…

  9. sure…it’s Special Economic Zone

  10. SEZ means Special Economic Zone

  11. SEZ-Special Economic Zone this is a certain area of land which the state government gives to companies under which different taxes are either subsidised or exempted.also various acts like labour act,plantation law are not applicable

  12. To overcome the shortcomings experienced on account of absence of world-class infrastructure, and an unstable fiscal regime and with a view to attract larger foreign investments in India, the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Policy was adopted by india..

  13. sir plese suggest me some books of maths for entrance test of CLAT.

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