Posted by: Mod | September 9, 2009

A Decade of a Path Breaking Endeavour!

Ten years of a movement, ten years to the day a group of Final Year mavericks at NLSIU, Bangalore founded, and dedicated themselves to a movement, which they fondly christened ‘LST- Law School Tutorials’. A decade of bringing about a sea change in the very way people look at careers after Plus- 2. A decade of reforming the outlook towards, and aspirations for, legal education. A decade of shunning the beaten path, and taking the avant garde route to putting starry-eyed youngsters on the path of becoming social engineers for whom the world is an oyster.

Things have changed; people have moved on. The initial leadership has moved on, passing on the baton, sharing the learning, but is always there- to lend some advice, to lend an ear. What has remained constant is the tremendous power of believing, and making things happen, for our students, and in the process, for everyone.

My journey with LST commenced from 2008, and since then, it has been a wonderful ride. The opportunity I got to interact with, groom, and learn from so many ambitious and motivated teenagers all across the country. The opportunity to experience and feel the pulsating zeal, and joy in my veins. The enthusiasm of the students- it is infectious. And the existing team- with Senthil being the bulwark of everything- is something which very few are fortunate to have.

The fortitude of LSTians- exemplary. Like the student in Mumbai who performed excellently in CLAT, despite having to juggle intense physiotherapy sessions, college academics, and a whole lot of other activities and expectations; still, never letting go, and coming out on top.

The versatility- amazing! I had a student from Chandigarh who was not only excelling in all academic fields, but was also running a youth group which was doing fabulous work in street theatre, debates and all!

The list is endless. The crux is- LSTians are a class apart- they have, they can, and they will- shake mountains and yes- go on to make even a small difference to the world. With missionary zeal, they have ‘infiltrated’ every law school worth its salt, scaled unimaginable heights, proving their genius, their mettle, winning laurels in everything they do, and doing us proud.

Continue to believe in the LST credo, this magnetic power and zeal of youth, and continue keeping the LST banner aloft and fluttering!

Saurav Datta


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