Posted by: Mod | September 11, 2009

Wow! What a Journey!

Wow! What a Journey!

LST is 10 years old today! What a journey- of learning, of struggles, of success, and JOY! In helping law-school aspirants realise their dreams. LST not only prepares law school-ites as a factory- rather, it imparts life skills, in transforming people, in enabling them to achieve something big. It is a wonderful challenge to work with the youth- the hungry –for-knowledge, with starry-eyed and very passionate to change the world.

Damn good! I had an opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country, interact with thousands of students, parents and school authorities. At the end of the day it boils down to reforming the perception and outlook towards law school education. Change is constant; LST founders have passed on the baton but they are always there to mentor and guide whenever required. They are our biggest critiques, as well as our greatest well-wishers.

My stint with LST started from 2004, interview with founder Sachin Malhan (teacher, mentor, friend) and since then it has been a great journey, the opportunity and learning in motivating and grooming these kids. How can i forget my legal awareness campaign from Bangalore to Shillong!

I remember an email from a Hyderabad student- unfortunately not able to get into a top law school, but elated to share the LST EXPERIENCE . Another from MP – not successful in the first attempt, was totally crestfallen, but with regular but wishes on every day- now a gr8 performer. list can go on..i cherish mentoring LST family members – my existing team with saurav n karn r stalwarts, helping me in achieving collective goals. continue to believe in LST with your support, we will scale new heights.

LST Team – Senthil Kumar




  1. nice writen. iam a student of 12 appearing cbse .i have intrest in clat .but, i have lck of information about it .please send me details like
    .when i can get it form.
    .how to preper i.e book help which book
    .best collages.
    .any more inf.
    please within a week on my id.

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