Posted by: Mod | May 6, 2010

One Last Call

Dear Students,

The day you have all be waiting for, is here. The biggest opportunity to change the way you will live for the next 5 yrs and even after. Forgiving all your misdemeanours, let me solicit a vantage which most can’t ill-afford.

Let me serve an entirely amateurish, layman’s key to clattering the CLAT, shredding the awe inspired by the CLAT to pieces. Inch by inch, Section by section rundown of the test.


This will either be a piece of cake or your biggest nightmare. Accordingly its role in your roster should vary. There’s really no study tip or special preparation that anybody can give you for math. The math involved is very basic and uses only primary concepts. Use the options; they are there for a reason. (If they really wanted to test your mathematical ability why would have they given you options)


Logic is a lot like math, but it’s easier to crack in a short time span. There are certain categories of questions in logic. Each of these categories has a certain way of going about

it. You should have enough opportunity to acquaint yourself with this section of the paper, besides all you require to crack this section is “Good Reasoning Ability” which cannot be taught, and comes naturally to you. The best thing about this section is that you can crack each question in this section without having done any similar problems prior to this test.


The only even remotely advanced area in the entire test is the vocabulary section. Grammar based questions: Most of you have done the rules of grammar in school and have devised your innovative rules and internalised them as well. You have reached that stage where you can make out if something’s wrong and with a sentence and what it is by saying it in your head. Just follow your hunch and back your instincts.


This is the joker in the pack because the format may be fixed but there’s no way to predict the type of content. The GK section’s a lot easier now without the short notes, so make the most of that.  Also you’ll realise that a lot of what you have read during those history & civics classes in school, has actually stuck to the dark walls of your membrane. A lot of questions will seem familiar and even if you don’t remember the answer, one look at the options will make a lot of things clear to you. You’ll realise that your intuition will bail you out more often than not and a lot questions will just click on the spot.

Legal Knowledge
This constitutes a vital section of the paper. The questions also cover a vast scope. Pay more attention to the Constitution of India, and the events happening around you.

1. Important areas for the Constitution:




2. Current affairs dealing with law:

In the domestic sector,

Concentrate on all the happenings in the field of terrorism and the new laws to tackle it. Closely follow the legal issues associated with the Judges appointment, RTI, Bills, Telangana, Scams, etc.

One good way would be to look at all the commissions and committees set up, and the latest status regarding their functioning.

International sector:

Wars and human rights, and environment- these are the crucial topics.

The measures taken to curb international terrorism are also important. And I see no surprises.

Legal Reasoning

Go through the 5 rules again and keep applying them as and when required. After the Delhi and SET papers, you must have realised the importance of these rules and the questions/ exercises tested/ provided in your Modules. Go through them once again. If have already got the past year’s papers, then make use of them and plan your strategy for the exam day.
In the end, you’re the hero of this story and its end is in your hands. You could be lucky and have trouble in only one or two of these five areas or be dyslexic in all five. It may or may not pay off, but hard work’s the only way out. We often give up when the destination is closer than we may have imagined. Don’t give up just yet, you have dreamt and fantasised about NLSIU and strawberry field, this is the time where you stick to the fight. Give it all that you have and back yourself. Everything that is available to everyone is also available to you. Potentiality of one is potentiality of all. I’ll leave you with this quote from Balzac: “None is superior than what you can become”

There is no negative marking. YOU MUST ATTEMPT EVERY QUESTION.

Here’s wishing you all the very best. Best of luck from everyone at LST!

All the Best

The LST Team


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