Posted by: lstdigitalmod | May 31, 2010

CLAT 2010 Top 20 Rank holders are all LSTians!

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you that the 2009-10 batch of LSTians has accomplished the unprecedented feat of securing top 20 out of top 20 ranks at the CLAT!

Our heartiest congratulations go out to:

Rank —- Name

1 ———-Pragya Vats
2———- Y. Shiva Santosh Kumar
3———- Anish Alok Mohanty
4———- Anil Sebastian Pulickel
5———- Anindita Pattanayak
6———- Vansh Sharad Gupta
7———- Shashank Reddy
8 ———- Subhro Prokas Mukherjee
9 ———- Pushan Dwivedi
10 ———Advait Nair
11———- Niyati Choudhary
12———-Ajay Patri
13———-Praggya Surana
14———-Archit Bhatnagar
15———-Divyanshu Agarwal
16———-Manasa S.
17———-Asis Panda
18———-Abhilasha Mondal
19———-Mriganki Nagpal
20———-Divy Tripathi

All credit goes to students and their mentors for their determination to settle for nothing but the best and relentless endeavor for success!

At LST, nothing makes us happier than to propel more and more of our students to the very top of the results list each year. In this regard, our students have done us exceptionally proud this year with their stellar performance at all major law entrance examinations:

CLAT – LSTians bagged Top 20/Top 20 ranks and were amongst 78 out of top 100 rank holders

NLU, Delhi entrance – LSTians bagged Top 10/Top 10 ranks and were amongst 58 out of 74 shortlisted

NLU, Orissa entrance – LSTians bagged Top 10/Top 10 ranks and were amongst 60 (and counting) out of 90 shortlisted

We wish all our students a bright and prosperous future ahead!


Team LST



  1. Hi,

    I must really thank LST!!

    LST is a must for anyone who wants to get into Top Lawschools! The stats speak for themselves don’t they?? 🙂 The mocks were the most useful!

    Thank You!!!

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