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A lot of noise has already been made about CLAT, and all those who should know about it, already know it.

It is time that we get back to what is even more important than the news itself: The Examination. It is time that we start streamlining our preparation and make sure it is in-sync with what the doctor (Dr. CLAT) ordered.

The purpose behind starting this website (blog for now) was not to become the first one to deliver the news (for heaven sake, we are a test prep. organsation, and not a Post Office). The purpose was to give you all the academic and logistic (moral?) support that one would need to crack such an examination and to help you understand the needs and requirements of this test.

Though given the background of the examination we don’t foresee too many changes in the nature of the questions. However given that the total marks of the test will remain the same, and that all questions will be objective type, there will obviously be an increase from last year in the number of objective questions. All of this means that there will be certain sections or sub head under CLAT, which may get more weightage vis-à-vis last year. Though we will be discussing the effects, repercussions, the projections as well as the expected changes in detail in the coming few days, but one thing which we are certain of is that GK will continue to rule the roost.

Hence it makes sense to have an adequate intake of GK quizzes in your daily diet.

So here you go with your first dose.

Geography 1
1. Which is the longest trench in the ocean?
2. Which sea, bordered by Alaska on one side and Siberia on the other, is often
frozen for several months every winter?
3. Which is the third largest ocean?
4. Which is the smallest as well as the shallowest ocean?
5. What are volcanic cone-shaped or flat-topped underwater mountains called?
6. Which river flows into the Caspian Sea?
7. Name the largest lake in Africa.
8. Which is the deepest lake in the world?
9. Which lake on river Nile is an artificial lake?
10. Which lake has the greatest volume of fresh water?
11. Which is the highest navigable lake in the world?
12. What is a ring of coral islands, enclosing a lagoon , formed on a sunken volcano
13. What is an island in a river called?
14. What is a string or a group of islands in the ocean known as?
15. Which island has a unique flora and fauna in isolation from the African mainland? MOUNTAINS, RIVERS AND CLIMATE
16. Which is the world’s highest mountain peak?
17. Which is the longest mountain range?
18. Which is the world’s highest mountain range?
19. What is the name of the plateau that lies between the Aravalis and Vindhyas on the       West and the Chota Nagpur plateau on the East?
20. Which plateau lies to the south of the Narmada River?

Answers have to be sent to First 3 correct entries will recieve a discount on any LST course (LSTians will recieve prizes for an equivalent amount.) The correct answers will be mailed to LST students on their MyLST id. All non-LST students have to first register with us (Register by using the registration form under ‘CLAT Newsletter’ click here ( and the answers will be sent to the listed mail ids.

Scratch Your Brains.




  2. clat newsletter is really awesum………

  3. This site seems very helpful n d quiz section is simply amazing…!! But what about the answers….?? when do we get them…?? And can we have some more questions on diff sections..esp. current affairs…??

  4. since this is an acad zone could someone please tell me the exact meaning of GRAFT CHARGES…some info i have is that late Benazir Bhutto was dismissed by prez farooq leghari in 1996 on graft charges from the gov….is it embezzlement of govt funds?…dr clat wants everything precise…so help!!

  5. Wll refer to last exam papers atleast there may be 20new questions in place of 20 old expired

  6. from where can i get the last year entance exam papers of the law schools?



  9. hi dis is supperb,,can anybody tell me from where i should get whole syllabus of clat in detail n little guidance….

  10. its an awesum quiz!!! luking forward to more such brain teasers!!!!

  11. this is a very good site please tell will there be any change in this year paper, it will be benficial if be solve last year clat paper

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